Monday, July 6, 2009

A pretty good weekend

OK, I almost thought I was going to sleep through the whole break. Some of my friends started thinking it was too long but I wondered why I didn't feel that way. Thursday night hung out with friends, a really long night. Friday, hmm oh OK I remember, I slept all day and later visited a friend or two. Saturday, woke up late, laundry and watched movies with a couple of friends. I actually almost forgot why we went on break cos I was indoor most of Saturday. But I hope you all enjoyed your independence celebration?? Sunday was the highlight of my weekend, the Africans got to together and just talked, it was an African/ Bahamian dinner. It was awesome. There was stories, histories, jokes,laughter, teasing, fun, fun, fun,oh and more fun. It always feel really good whenever I hang out with these people. What can I say? They are my American family. I don't need to think of what to say, or do around them, we just be ourselves.

What can I say, It was a wonderful evening, wnderful nite, with wonderful people. OH n did I mention the sweet tea?? That was awesome,lol...
I hope the weekend was great for you, and I wish you a wonderful week ahead!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Haven't youhad a day that just gets you upset from it's start????

Hey there everyone,
Don't you just hate it when some people just don't know they are freaking annoying or when wake up to an annoying day?
today happened to be the day when I get to meet annoying people and experience annoying incidence.
I went to bed late yesterday because I had to study, I ended up waking up really late too. I dragged myself out of bed and got ready for class (which by the way I kept asking myself why do I even have to go to class).
I step out of my room only to see that I just missed the bus. I got to the bus-top and had to wait for about fifteen minutes for the next bus to come, guess what it was full I was 2o minutes late for a 50 minutes class and so I had to stand in the bus. I got down from the bus with my hands aching because I'm not too tall and had to stretch to hold the rod above me. I rushed to class and the class was almost over, every important thing had already been said . And so I sat there looking at him watching his lips move but not hearing a word he was saying.
I rushed off to my next class feeling very upset that I had lost a lot in my first class( which I consider my most important class). I got into my next class which is history I keep wondering why the hell do i have to study history that bores me...
Anyways, I got to class and I tripped at the door I was very to seeing my head on the ground thank God I didn't, And so as the teacher was talking I realized I was hungry and I just couldn't focus because he was boring . He is a good teacher but I just hate the subject he teaches, my stomach kept rumbling and so I decided to work on another subject, I got into it and was enjoying it that I didnt feel hungry until the class was over. After that everything just went by slowly only for me to remember five minutes to my class that I had a short writing assignment to do in class. I had to think about it while I walked to class , it was pretty good.
I decided to go to the library after my class so I could study and attend a seminar which was extra credit later that evening for my history class. Don't you sometimes hate how quiet the library is?? OMG there should be some soft music playing some times. Anyways , I got into studying and was really enjoying it until two girls walked and they just kept making noise at that point , I was like okay I know I want some noise but this is not the tpe I need, they went on and on, and when someone tried telling them to keep it low they argued they that they paid their fees so they have their right.
I got to the seminar and it was a complete waste of my time ( I also got there late, I'm thinking I've got the late syndrome), I dozzed off a couple of times till it was over. I missed the bus again and had to walk home in the cold with millions of thought running through my head. I got to my dorm and eevrything starts annoying me. I first see a set of student playing their music so high and dancing in the parking lot (it probably wouldn't have annoyed me naturally but, I was just in a bad mood). I get to my room and realised I wa hungry had go back out in the cold to get something to eat I partially blamed the people dancing in the parking lot cause they got me upset and forgot to get something to eat and so I had to go out again. When I got back to my room hoping for some peace and quietness, my next door neighboor decides she has to stand in front of her door with her friends and lasugh out loud (when I'm trying to relax and study, I probably wouldn't have been upset but I was having a bad day).I hope I get some good sleep tonight and kick off tomorrow on a good foot (I had better do!! lol).
Anyways thanks for stoping by good night.....